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Plus Mercury, the South Node, Chiron, and the asteroid Pallas Athene the goddess of wisdom, justice and social activism are also in Pisces. What do you want to create; what is seeking to be born? The fixed star Skat at 09 degrees Pisces is conjunct the eclipse. This star is called The Wish. Perhaps the key to creating what we want is the South Node the karmic past which is also conjunct the eclipse.

It is asking us to release old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. Remember the song from Frozen? At the same time there is a fierce cluster of planets in fiery Aries; Venus, Mars, Uranus and Eris, a minor planet named for the goddess of discord. On February 26, the day of the eclipse, Mars the god of war and Uranus the great awakener make an exact conjunction, an explosive combination.

Obsessive Pluto in Capricorn which rules government and institutions squares the Aries planets and Jupiter.

March Solar Eclipse 2016 and World Affairs

The asteroid Vesta goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame in Cancer makes a grand square. This is a potent time — personally and politically. Where you have the Pisces planets: something is trying to come to the surface. Something is ready to release, dissolve, or heal. You may feel more sensitive, open and receptive than usual. Listen to the whispers and not the screams.

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Follow your heart. Let go of old habits, behaviors, and patterns; connect with what is meaningful. Where you have the Aries planets: the energy is red hot and wired.

March 1961 lunar eclipse

Channel it. Find something positive or creative to be obsessed about. Find a cause, be of service. Focus the energy; give it a place to go. The combination can act like lightening through the fog. At its best it allows us to get in touch with what we really want Pisces and take action Aries. At its worse it can have us not act but react, losing ourselves in the process.

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We need to become spiritual warriors, enlightened and conscious crusaders — fighting for something, not against. In a way, this eclipse mirrors what is going on in the world.

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Venus turns retrograde in Aries on March 4. It moves back into Pisces on April 2. It goes direct on April 15 and re-enters Aries on Retrograde periods are not bad. When a planet is retrograde it works differently.

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  • Lovely and gracious Venus, the goddess of love, rules close relationships, beauty, values, and money. While this interval is not an optimum time to get married, engaged, have cosmetic surgery, make major investments or buy luxury items, it is an opportunity to get in touch with our own values, needs, and become clear about what we want to attract and create. Old lovers and creative projects often come back into our lives so we can reassess, complete or heal them. It lands at zero degrees in this fire sign: The zodiac is made up of 12 signs, each containing 30 degrees zero to 29 —and zero, existing in its non-existence, is quite an interesting degree.

    Lunar Eclipse Meaning

    Zero is nothing and everything; the potential to expand our awareness of ourselves and our values is boundless during this Leo eclipse. Eclipses are intensely emotional times that tend to be very exhausting, so make sure you carve out extra time to rest. During an eclipse, we see things in a new light, and there is no turning back. What does this eclipse have in store for you? Find your sign below to learn more:. This supermoon eclipse is major for your relationships, Aquarius. You may be a cool, brilliant, and intellectual air sign, but Leo is a hot, passionate, and intense fire sign—think big emotions, plenty of crying, and drama, drama, drama!

    Expect shocking information to come to light. Your standards in relationships have changed, but consider it a positive evolution. This change can feel emotionally rocky, but the eclipse presents an incredible opportunity to mold your everyday schedule into one that truly works for you. Will they run to the bodega to pick up tampons? This eclipse will test whether your relationship is real or a fantasy—but you cannot allow yourself to get lost in this equation. You usually do things hard and fast, Aries, but this eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo—contrary to what you may assume—requires you to be still, to go deep and get in touch with your most primal needs and emotions.

    Now is not the time to take outward-facing actions, but a time to go within and express yourself. Record your avant garde album, choreograph your interpretive dance, or get in touch with the full sensual vitality of your body with sex or masturbation. With so much development taking place in your public life and career lately, attention is now being called to your private life, home, and family.

    How This Week's Supermoon Eclipse in Leo Will Break and Remake You - VICE

    You may be moving or renovating at this time—exciting! A chapter of your life is closing, and it may be very emotional for you, but for every door an eclipse closes, another is opened. Drama with your family, roommates, or landlords may be the final straw for you at this time. Honor your ancestors, love the family you have, and move forward together This eclipse will be difficult, scary, shocking, sometimes impossible, but eventually, totally clarifying. This will likely throw you for a loop or make you cry, but guess what, Gemini? Crying can be good for you! It helps you release your emotions, and sometimes, crying for a few minutes works better than discussing and analyzing things for hours.

    Now than you know what you know—thanks, supermoon! This could mean that you change your field of study or stop running with certain social circles, and you might find yourself craving space and adventure. The question is: What are you looking for, Gemini?

    Truly, this eclipse has changed what feels deeply important to you, so letting go of some things will come naturally—even if it feels emotionally charged.