Pisces man and pisces woman compatibility in love

I have even been able to speak of what is to become sometimes, months, even years before they come to fruition. I get mixed reviews from others.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility – Aquarian Astrology

Some become fascinated with my so called gift and keep coming back for more. While others get frightened and stay clear of me. Shrugs shoulders. Been there, done that. I guess, it is quite wearying to be constantly asked how I know what I know. And I have come up with a great explanation, if you can even call it that:.

Pisces Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Just because I know the secrets of the Universe, does not necessarily mean I will reveal all!!! Some people accuse me of knowing or not knowing all of the secrets of the Universe. So take heart, young lady. Many times, that has happened to me. More power to you, and hope you figure out how to shelter yourself from others. They are not meaning to deplete your energies, but just the same watch out for your self, if any. As I have not really figured out how to protect myself yet.

The Traits of the Two Signs

I simply refer to those individuals as Negative Toxic Individuals. As they will constantly drag you down into the dumpsters with them, no matter how much you try to uplift their spirits. Therefore, stay away from such individuals. Clearly, they need a simple about face attitude adjustment!!! Meet a guy we clicked, Clicked so much so its scary!!! Low and behold he was a fish!!!

Its like we have been knowing each other our whole lives. He is truly a girl version of me. I lost my relationship after 20 months.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility in Love Life

I was with a pisces and he cheated on me and then i cheated back on him and then poof.. You guys are scaring me!

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He cheated on my mom when I was younger.. Although with time I was able to manifest a relationship with him again which is now off again he is ridiculously stubborn. He dreams big and works small sad to say. Recently though.. I love talking to him and he makes me feel safe to retreat from the world. The last time I felt this way in a relationship was while dating a Scorpio man.

Pisces Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility

But he did posses an incredible amount of emotional strength to tolerate through the mood swings and dreaminess that other signs lacked Leos, Taurus, Gemini. You are an eloquent writer. And I agree with you about the Scorpio and the mistrust of Pisces men. I have also recently started being attracted to Pisces men but they are not as sturdy as a scorpio.

That is true. Just get to know the Pisces guy without putting too many preconceived ideas on him. Who knows if you might misread something because there seemed to be a callback to what your dad did. I have that with Capricorn men too because my Dad was a capricorn and had me out of wedlock while he was married also. I always think they will do the same thing.

Add to all that I found many Pisceans Not any Pisces Check this out They have the same birth date 16 March 3, But they were bodies without souls worship money Spiritual and mental blindness I want a Pisces girl intact spiritually and mentally Do you help me accomplish this project. Historic race In the end, the first centers in competition between a male and female But not every male and female can win Correct me if I was wrong, Ms. Nancy Fenn love you Ms. Nancy Fenn. The true virgin is male and female..

Im a pisces male.. I totally agree. Pisces is very susceptible to being overworked, so it can be helpful to have a fellow fish nearby to point out when you are doing too much. In general, two Pisceans will have little to no trouble working together provided they stay focused on the task at hand.

Left to their own devices, they may be far more leisurely than their boss intended. Pisces men and women in a relationship together usually have a positive result. However, you must be aware that your weaknesses are effectively doubled, and the lack of emotional stability in your partner can be problematic.

The shared empathy is a boon, as only a fellow Pisces can truly understand what it is like to be so emotionally vulnerable. As you both long to be drowned in romance, you stand a good chance of getting your wish but taking the first step is hard. In this match, finding a leader as key as without one nothing will ever get done.

Work on bringing your verbal communication up to par with your emotional cues and all will be smooth sailing. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about the compatibility of a Pisces partnership. Psychic Readings.

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Pisces man and Pisces woman

Astrology January 12, Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0. Big doses of appreciation from his loved ones will certainly keep this man happy, inspired and feel complete. This matchup will be quite complex. There will be a lot of affection, romance and passion shared between these two. However, there are underlying conflicts that they need to address early on in the relationship. They will be drawn to each other by a strong feeling of meeting their soulmate, only to realize later on that it is all an illusion. Pisceans are idealistic in love and have the tendency to mask the flaws in the relationship during the early stages.

One moment they are on cloud nine, the next thing…. Fact is, romances between two same signs often bear a strong aura of unreality.